Colour can be a powerful ally!

June 13th, 2011

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Maybe because this is the closest I have been to the Canucks winning the cup in 17 years or maybe Spring has finally sprung, but everywhere I go in Vancouver, I hear people talking about showing their colours.

Like any good marketer, when I think colour, I think branding.  What is the image we are trying to portray and how do corporate colours either draw people to or away from a particular brand?

As important as the image is that we present to the public, if the colours of that image don’t match the messaging, then this can lead to brand confusion and take away from brand recognition.    MacDonald’s will NEVER have Purple arches, nor will Royal Bank ever use Green in their advertising, it just does not fit with their brand and confuses the potential and loyal client alike.

Here is a great blog post I found on how colour can affect purchasing patterns, I hope you find it as much of value as I did.

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